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Your business ALWAYS fashionable.

Do you dare to undertake?

Today more than ever, the Fashion System needs Innovation to surpass the Customer Expectation, a Functional Business Model to achieve the desired Positioning hand in hand with Value Relationships and a 360º Experience.


"Laura Espinosa has decided to help us tame our fear by writing "Your business always fashionable", which you have in your hands today and which will surely become your bible for your fashion project."

LUCY LARA, fashion journalist, bestselling writer and speaker

"I really liked it, it is literally an A to Z of an entire project""

LLUVIA AMEZCUA, fashion collections consultant

"Congratulations, I love that the book is super digestible, not heavy at all, very understandable"

VICTORIA SANTILLÁN, advisor in design and production of national brands

Through the 7 chapters contained in this book, you will be able to find stories of entrepreneurial colleagues like you, tools and practices that were specifically designed to help you materialize your own business idea in an innovative, scalable, profitable and sustainable way.

If you are a creative, passionate, visionary person with an entrepreneurial spirit, this book was written with you in mind, so, do you dare to undertake?

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